The land of 10,000 taxes welcomes you!

A project by Americans for Prosperity-MN

For the past year, Democrats have controlled Minnesota’s Governorship, Senate and House – and raised taxes to HISTORIC levels. Do you know how much MORE you are paying – and how much LESS you are taking home today?
We’ve built a calculator to show you just how much Democrats managed to take from you in one legislative session. To see your tax burden, follow the questions below.

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Sign the petition, give us our money back!

If you’re disappointed by how much the Democratic Trifecta was able to dig out of your pockets in one session alone, imagine what another two years could look like for your finances. What could you have done with all the money Democrats took from you to fulfill their extreme agenda? You have to budget and spend responsibly, why shouldn’t the Democrats? Sign the petition today to demand that your legislators responsibly balance the state budget and stop taking so much money out of your pockets to stuff state coffers!